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How To Kiss Your Girlfriend

How To Kiss Your Girlfriend

In this video, Andy Jones teaches you how to kiss your girlfriend. He explains what to do about your lips, what to do with your body and what to do with your hands. From first timers to old pros, this video will have some advice for everyone.

I'm going to be talking to you about how to kiss your girlfriends. First of all, congratulations, you've got a girlfriend and that's a great thing to have, because it shows someone finds you attractive, someone loves your company, someone wants to spend time with you. But first of all, before you get into any of that heavy kissing, make sure your lips are really kissable.

Now, by that, I mean, make sure you haven't got chapped lips, make sure they're not dry or flaky, or nasty. Girls really notice the small touches about a man. What their nails are like.

What their hands are like. What their hair is like. What they smell like.

Their skin, their lips, these small touches might sound sissy and ridiculous to you, but all girls worry about those features because they worry about these features themselves. They look at you and think, what are his lips like? Would I want to kiss those lips? Invest in a little lip salve or some Vaseline, or something if your lips are dry. Make them kissable.

Make her look at your lips and think, “I can't wait to get a hold of those”. The big thing about kissing attraction, in general, is body language. When you really want to kiss her, match her stance.

Mirror how she stands. If she leans in, you lean in. Point your body to match the way her body points.

Make sure that your bodies match together. Therefore, don't stand with your arms folded. Don't stand all hunched up or look away.

Keep eye contact with her, and let her know you're attracted to her by the way you stand. Be a man. Take the lead.

Every girl, regardless of what she says, would love that Hollywood movie kiss, where the guy holds her in his arms and gives her a big kiss. Take the lead. Now, that might be terrifying to suddenly just go, “I'm going to grab her and kiss her”.

Don't think about it like that. Because even though you're going to be confident and direct, you're going to feel your way in. When you're sat down, or when you're stood up, initiate body contact.

If you're sat down together, put your hand on her wrist gently and softly. Maybe make a running motion along her forearm. If you're stood up together, put your arm on her shoulder or your hand on the side of her arms or even on the side of her face.

Let her know that you want to touch her and you want to initiate contact. Next, the big thing with kissing is to relax. It's all about taking your time and softness.

Relax all your facial muscles, you shouldn't be tense. You're not going to be doing anything that's going to be uncomfortable. You're going to really enjoy it.

Once you relax your face, keep your lips really soft. When you lean in, take your time and be really slow. Now, we talked about that Hollywood kiss.

Now, even in the big shows, they take their time with the kiss. It might look like they're grabbing each other, and they're kissing, and they're sucking face straight away. We don't have to do that.

You're going to take your time and feel your way in. Once you've connected with your lips, your lips are together, just make gentle kissing motions. Hold the side of her face.

When you kiss someone passionately, you don't necessarily kiss with your jaw. You're not making a biting motion. It's all about the soft muscles in your face.

Keep your face relaxed, and you'll enjoy the kiss. A lot of guys worry what's going to happen with the tongue. We all hear when we do a passionate kiss or a French kiss for the first time, we've got to use our tongue.

I mean, what the hell goes on in there? What you're going to do, because you're taking your time and you're going to enjoy your kiss, you don't ram your tongue into somebody's mouth. You just probe lightly. Feel the way into her mouth with the tip of your tongue, and if she responds, push your tongue in a little bit further.

It should feel nice, it should feel gentle. It should feel intimate. You're not trying to cram your tongue into her thro