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How To Kite Buggy

How To Kite Buggy

Kite buggying is a kite flying sport. This video shows you what it's all about.

Hello, I'm Thomas from the Kitesurf Centre. Today, I'm just going to show you a couple of tips on how to fly a kite and how to get into these brilliant sports of kite flying. So, this is how to kite buggy.

First thing before you want to kite buggy, you need to learn how to fly the kite but I'm just going to go through the buggy setting nicely. We've got our buggy down here. We've got three wheels, seat's in the middle and then our front wheel steers exactly the same as a bicycle, so you do the steering with your feet and the kite flying with your hands.

So, kite buggy's the same as any wind sport, sailing, windsurfing, kite surfing. We want to be travelling across the wind. So today, my wind is going in this direction, so I want to be going over there or over there, so 90 degrees to the wind.

Just to get the buggy rolling, we need to point a little bit into the wind for our initial movement. So with the kite, what we're going to do if I want to go to the left. I'm going to bring it a little bit to the right and then nice big dive to get me going and then I'm going to move the kite up and down.

So I'm going to steer it down left and then right back up to the top, up and down so the par keeps coming as I'm moving the kite up and down in that direction. So we need to get into the buggy now. I'm going to put the kite up at 12 o'clock above my head so it's nice and stable.

I'm going to get into the buggy into the correct angle, both feet on the steering on the front wheel, and now I'm going to drive the kite. Get me rolling and then keep the kite moving, keep the kite coming. Once I'm rolling nice, I then start to steer the buggy.

So I'm going on a slight angle across the wind now. I'm keeping the power coming, so that's it, we're kite buggying. That's how to kite buggy. .