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How To Knit A Beanie

How To Knit A Beanie

Understand how to knit a great hat with this quick demonstrative video from Videojug.

In this video tutorial I will show you how to make a beanie hat.To make a beanie hat you have need a short circular needle,ten markers,a top pest string needle which you has been to finish the hat off and yarn of your choice. The reason I have used the circular needle here because we are going to make a simplest hat.

I am going to work this hat on hundred stitches. This marker denotes the beginning of the hat all around. I am going to knit first two stitches.

Then I am going to bring my yarn in front of work and I am going to pow two stitches.I have now completed the first round. I came back to the beginning of the round marker.

I am going to slip it from the left hand needle to the right hand needle.What happens the process of making seamless hat is that you go to work this round was our sequences of process repeated from the beginning and end of the round.so that knit two pow two even which means we have any shaping s so no decreases no increases.

which has work this round repeatedly until you reach the desire steps.I normally recommend and theirs to be about fourteen to fifteen cent-meters. At this point you work could be around here.

And now you would be ready insert markers which would help you to shape the top of the hat.So this is our first marker I am working on hundred stitches.So I am going to place marker every ten stitches and Now we are ready to shape the top of the hat.

To do so we are going to work in pattern , which means knit two and pow two until we reaches two last stitches before the marker.When these stitches our knit stitches we going to knit two stitches together decrease techniques.To work like this we going to Powed stitches we going to at the same time if to knit it and then we are going to knit it out of them as usual.

Now we have one stitch instead of two.hence One stitch has been decreased. slip marker then we again working pattern until we reach last two stitches before next markers.

So in one decrease round you going to reach ten stitches. Then you would work the stitches until they come of the needles.So it may knit stitches then stitch them .

If there a pow stitches then you pow them.So you would repeated the two rows until you have decrease the pow of stitches. We can finish off the hat with string needle.

thus we can make beanie hat.