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How To Knit A Flower

How To Knit A Flower

This is very easy and good method to knit a nice flower.follow this easy steps and we can make simple knit flower as we need. This is very useful video.

In this video tutorial I wish to show you how to make a knitted flower.You will need a set of double pointed needle.Few markers.

top est string needle and a yarn cutter.To see how to cast of a double pointed needles and how to work a first couple of rows please refer the video tutorial and on how to knit a double pointed needles. Nothing to cut with this point.

we have a cast on rows here and two knit rows. we are going to place markers in our next round. So I am going to knit around I have ten stitches on every needle and I am going to place a marker right in the middle of every needle.

So I making sure that my join between the needle is nice and tight. I am going to knit five stitches and place a marker in my needle.Then I will knit the five remaining stitches.

In the next round I started decreasing. Now the decrease sequence as follows.I will knit three stitches or in other words I will knit two stitches before the marker.

I will then knit those two stitches together. So I going to knit the two stitches together and knit it as usual.I need to slip my marker then knit the last two stitches on this needle.

I then repeat the sequence on two remaining needle.I have now finish the round. And in this round I have to decreased six stitches.

The next round is going to be plain round.And I have now twenty-four stitches.The following round will be a decrease round.

So again I will need to stitch two stitches before the marker and I go to knit two stitches together.I was slip my marker.And knit to last two stitches on this needle.

I will then knit them together.And I will repeat the sequence on two remaining needles.Now we ready to finish our flower.

To do so I will cut my tread . I allow to be extra length so because some cases we have to touch the flowers some thing.I will go around taking this stitches off the needle and I going to transfer the stitches to the needle one by one.

Its good idea actually to secure the yarn . I will do by making a little slip knot.I will anchor one of the stitches.

And then how to make a knitted flower.