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How To Knit A Hat

How To Knit A Hat

This Videojug film will help you learn how to knit a hat. Here are the supplies you need, as well as the steps involved in creating a beautiful, hand made hat

In this video tutorial I will show you how to knit a hat. To make this hat we will need: a short circular needle, pen markers, a tapestry needle, which we will need to finish the hat off, and a yarn of your choice. As you can see I am at the beginning of the round again, which I can tell because of the marker being there.

You will need to work your rounds without any shapings until the work measures 25 centimetres approximately from your cast-on edge to the needle. When you reach that point, we will just have to adjust the beginning of round marker. What we will actually do is we will temporarily remove the marker, knit one stitch, and then place the marker on the right hand needle again.

In the first decreased round, we will knit one stitch and pearl one stitch, and then we are going to knit two stitches together. As you can see, one of those stitches is a knit stitch, and one of those stitches is a pearl stitch. Now, we're actually going to knit them together, because we want the stitch which is closer to the left to overlap the stitch which is closer to the tip of the needle.

At the end of this round, I will have decreased 25 stitches. In the second decrease round, I would actually only knit one stitch, and then knit two together, so out of three stitch repeat, I would only get two stitches, which means I would have decreased another 25 stitches, halving the number of my stitches. Now in the third decrease round, I would simply knit two together all around, again decreasing by 25 stitches.

So, in three rounds, we would have decreased 75 stitches, and we would have only 25 stitches remaining on our needle. As you can see, even thoughI'm using a 40 centimetre circular needle, 25 stitches, which is one quarter of these stitches, is just two small a number to comfortably work on a circular needle. So we are going to have to use a special knitting technique to help ourselves to deal with those stitches.

This technique is often referred to as the magic loop, and in order to implement it, we will have to pull out one needle as far as we possibly can, therefore diminishing the circumference of our cable here. Remember that we will only have one quarter of the stitches which we currently have on the needles. And then we will knit as usual.

As you remember after decreasing in three rounds and getting our stitches down to 25, we are ready to secure and weave in the tail. So we will work generous tail on our working yarn, and we will thread it on to our tapestry needle, and we will then slip all the stitches remaining on the needle on to the tapestry needle. So as you can see, this will create a pretty flower right at the top.

And then you will need to bring your working yarn to the middle and secure it carefully using a small knot. And this is how to knit a hat.