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How To Know If A Thermostat Is Faulty On A Car

How To Know If A Thermostat Is Faulty On A Car

A car's thermostat is one of the essential components to check. It's really easy to test whether it's faulty or not, so after removing the thermostat, the procedure in this video may be well worth your view.

Now, we show you how to test for a faulty thermostat in your vehicle. Right, after removing the thermostat from the vehicle which is suspected faulty, which is this unit here, by far, the best way to test it is to get yourself a cup of hot boiling water. Obviously, be careful with your fingers because it is boiling water.

If you submerge the thermostat in the water for a few moments, you should see that it will open up basically. I would have to show you that a bit better once it opens. It is a matter of being patient.

It's not a two-second job, unfortunately. Here you go, you can see through the light there, it's actually open. You see the gap there now.

If you see the gap here now where the thermostat's starting to open, so that shows the thermostat is working. Once it starts to cool down, that will close. This is the thermostat in closed position.

As you can see, there's no gap around here at all. Once it opens, it's quite a large gap here then. But in this position, you know the thermostat's not open so it would be a faulty thermostat.