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How To Layer Your Own Hair

How To Layer Your Own Hair

In this film, we have a demonstration on how to layer your hair for more body and texture which is perfect for those with fine or thin hair short hair. With this step-by-step guide done by an expert, you can't go wrong.

I'm going to be showing you how to do a quick and easy layering technique for short hair. So, we are going to start by finding the top of the hair. An easy way to do this is to rest your comb in the top and on the point that it swivels at, that's the top is at the centre.

So, from this point, I'm going to take a section about a centimetre wide and comb it out. I don't want to layer any of the bottom section so I'm going to let that drop out. I'm going to comb it straight up and this is the bit that we're going to layer or get rid of.

I don't want to go too short. If we go too short with it, we will get a mullet which is not what we want. We just want to increase body and texture and movement.

So, I would keep layering it down just to find where that's going to sit and then you can avoid going too short. Just let the scissors glide through the hair, like so, lifting it straight up, finding where I want it to sit and how short I want it to be and slicing through. I feel like that's enough for me.

So, from this point, I'm then going to take, go to the left hand side, another centimetre taking a small piece of that first section as my guide and again, lifting it up, lifting it straight up finding where I want it to sit or how short I want it to be and slice through. We work our way around again, lifting up, you can see where I did my last section, I'll lift up to there and I'm going to slice along. So, I'm going to do this one more time just to show you again, take a centimetre section, lifting it straight up, finding my guide and scooping out, okay, and we work all around the hair in segments until we've done all the way around.

So, I've just finished off the layers and I'm going to put some product into it. Really, bring it out and show you what sort of texture I've created. So, using something that has a matte finish will give us a natural look.

It won't look like it's built up with lots and lots of product. So, a little bit of definition and to finish off, I'm just going to put a bit of hairspray in, to give us that hold. Again, I'm always shaking out; it just brings the layers out a bit more.

So, there you go. There's the quick and easy way to layer a short haircut. .