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How To Learn About The Hair Business

How To Learn About The Hair Business

Brett McDonald explains what are the best ways into the hairdressing industry. There are three ways to do this which are effective.

How to learn about the hair business? There are three main ways of getting involved and beginning in the hair industry. The most common way is a traditional apprenticeship. These usually consist of three and a half and four years.

What it involves is working in the salon environment and training some time during the week and being involved. It's probably the longest of all the processes, but in some way is one of the most effective ways of learning on the job. The second way is to go to college.

Collages often run in parallel to the end of school level and can be used to develop a base which can then be applied to getting a job in a salon and furthering your skills within the salon base. So, college is a really good way of getting involved with hairdressing industry. The third way is to do what we call intensive courses.

These usually run between six and nine months and they're designed to get you ready for the salon environment. For example, here at SACO, we run a course which sees you develop all your skills right through to salon-ready. You then go as a junior stylist.

These are usually time and financially effective ways of getting involved with the hairdressing industry. Something really important to think about when looking at these courses is a reputable reputation of the school and also a good student to teacher ratio for key learning points. On final point that I would mention, when looking at any education in relation to getting into hairdressing, is making sure that the school or the college or the education you're getting is N.

V.Q. based.

The industry is moving that way and more and more hairdressers, salon owners, and the industry are looking at qualifications. The N.V.

Q. is national recognized qualification and is by far, the best way of making sure that in the future, the job will be secure for you. So, that's how to learn about the hair business.