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How To Learn Badminton Singles Rules

How To Learn Badminton Singles Rules

This guide on playing badminton singles games let's you teach your friends how to play, tips to beat them, and show off your skills to ladies watching. So why wait? Watch it!

Hi! My name's John Webb, been a badminton coach for over 15 years, and I'm going to show you some tips on how to play badminton. Hi, I'm going to talk you through about how to play badminton singles. Often, you would come into sports and leisure centres, and you would be coming in with a friend, and this is probably the game that you are going to start with.

So for badminton singles, you want to be always - it's played up to 21 points. It's one game up to 21 points. And you need to, if you are 20-20, you have to be 2 points clear.

So you would win it 22-20 or 23-21. So it's one game up to 21. Very easy to begin playing badminton singles.

You would start off by flipping a coin, or just turning the racket to see which way it points, and you decide who starts. So you'd start serve on the right hand side and be serving into diagonally into the opposite court. You can start with a forehand low serve or a forehand high serve.

The idea of badminton singles game is you're actually moving the opponent to the back, and then pushing them to the forwards. So you would put - making them move all the time either by pushing them right to the back and then dropping it short. So you'd be winning a rally or winning a point in a badminton singles game if they actually, if your opponent fails to return a serve, or if you hit it down and it hits the floor before they can get to it, or if you play a shot and they hit it out of these boundary lines, that would then be a point.

Or occasionally, they can scoop it or hit the net, and that would be your point. Once you've won the point, you'd then move to the opposite side, to the left hand court, and then you would serve again. With the new rules in singles, if the receiver wins the point they would then be the new server, and then they would serve.

So real key for badminton singles game is to be actually move your opponent forward and back, and to the side, so to create opportunities to actually hit it down and to win the point. So it's one game up to 21, and that's the basic guide to how to play a really good badminton singles game. .