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How To Learn Boxing Techniques

How To Learn Boxing Techniques

This short video describes the best way to pick up new boxing techniques. It provides insightful information on how to learn and improve on skills quickly and efficiently.

Hi, I'm Simon from Box Smart. I'm an Amateur Boxing Association qualified boxing tutor. Today, I'm going to go through some boxing techniques with you.

For more information visit our site boxingclasses dot net. So, how to learn boxing techniques. You can do this in a number of different ways, by searching through the internet, going to your local club or classes in your area.

We run classes in the Harpitcher area. When you are doing the class, make sure you try different ones out to see whether they suit you. Maybe you like the coach themselves.

Try to make sure that all the classes or anything you attend at all is ABA certified. That's the Amateur Boxing Association of England. You can go on their website www dot ABAE dot com.

They have different videos and footage of techniques and stuff like that. Also information on local boxing clubs in your area. At the moment, we have a really good clock of British boxers out there so it's good to once you progress through and learn more about boxing, check things out on different websites, look at fighters, look at their fights that they have.

Try and break down their movements and their techniques that they use. That's as you progress from being a complete beginner to being a more advanced boxer. When you are actually doing the techniques, they are more broken down into starting with your stance here and then it moves into your footwork, going into different punches, and combination's that you would use.

Also, in boxing techniques and stances, you would need to be in a certain fitness level, so this could be a good place for your training to add to your strength and conditioning and to add to your technique based workouts. So when you're learning boxing techniques, remember that this is a sport and you are not just throwing punches onto a heavy bag. So if you are going to a class and you learn certain techniques, perhaps go home and practice these techniques.

Watch other boxers practice the techniques. See how you can improve. If you have any questions, ask your coach how you can improve the movements, how you can improve your fitness levels, to then help you do the movements for a prolonged period of time.

That's how to learn boxing techniques. .