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How To Learn Cupping Therapy

How To Learn Cupping Therapy

For an alternative to the usual cold and flu remedies, try the ancient Chinese practice of cupping therapy. It is said to be highly effective as well as relatively easy to learn with the help of a class and a couple of hands on how-to films.

Welcome to How to Learn Cupping Therapy. So, with this, I'm going to show you the basics of what you need to do to perform cupping therapy. So, for cupping therapy, you'll need a pair of locking forceps, cotton ball, surgical spirits, and some glass cups.

You can find this equipment in most acupuncture retail stores and they usually come in kits that you can buy. We use different sizes of glass cups depending on the area you want to cup on. Generally, the more bony an area, the smaller the cup you need, whereas large areas, we can use large cups.

So to prepare, we open up the locking forceps, then we take a piece of cotton ball and we wrap it tight in the forceps and we lock it. We then soak the cotton ball in the surgical spirits, making sure that we remove any excess surgical spirits, as when we set fire to it, we want to make sure it doesn't drip. Very important.

So, to test that, we can shake into our hand and I can feel there is no spray coming off, so I know there's no excess spirit on this. Now, what we're going to do is we're going to set fire to this which will, when we put it inside the cup, burn away the oxygen, and then when we put the cup on the body, the cup will create a suction that will pull the skin into the cup, thus creating the effect of the cupping. Cupping is extremely useful for any colds or flu and in particular, for any muscular sinew pain in the body, any kind of injury or aches or pains.

So, just to recap, what we're going to do is we're going to have a flame. It's going to come into the cup, burn the oxygen and the cup goes on the body. In and on, in and on, all the time keeping the flame away from the body and the cup going onto the body, making sure you don't leave the cup on long, because otherwise the flame will heat the glass and it will feel hot to the touch.

So, you can also feel the temperature of the cup, and warm, and on. So to fully learn to perform cupping therapy, there are numerous small, short courses that you can do. Cupping therapy is an ancillary therapy toward Chinese medicine, so acupuncture, gua sha, Chinese herbs and Chi-long, and it can be performed by anybody, but a good training course is always valuable.

We'll be giving you a demonstration in the film, how to perform cupping therapy, and if you want to see that, I would highly recommend it, and that's how you learn cupping therapy. .