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How To Learn To Write A Calligraphy Alphabet

How To Learn To Write A Calligraphy Alphabet

Calligraphy is something just about anyone can do. Learn how to write it in this easy-to-follow video on calligraphy alphabet.

How to write a calligraphy alphabet. I'm going to look at a specific type of alphabet called The Humanist Minuscule from the beginning of the Italian Renaissance period. As with as scripts, you need to have a baseline from which to work.

So, we rule the baseline. Notice I'm keeping the lines squared off to the rest of the page by using the top of the side of the ruler. Reason is, if you just draw a straight line onto the page, you might think it's just straight but then your eye has to compensate for all of these other angles and it can really mess with you getting the lettering right.

Humanist Minuscule is generally written at about four and a half to five liquids. So then your width is made by putting the square nib onto the paper, like so, where the nib is parallel to the baseline. So that's five, and then we're going to mark off at five and mark it here again and rule our lines.

Now, I'm using a marker initially to show this demonstration and because I'm using a marker, I can actually go back over the nib marker that I've done. If you are using ink, do not do this. It will smudge.

So the humanist minuscule, let's get the angle in here. These are all around forty degrees. It's quite a narrow letter and most of them look like this.

Now, the humanist minuscule that I like is a humanist minuscule with things called serifs, these are little additions to the letters, so the A looks like this. .