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How To Learn Typing

How To Learn Typing

If you need to know how to type in the computer keyboard effectively, then watch the video. Lyn explains how to practice typing and to increase the speed and accuracy.

Today, we are going to show you how you would learn to type. First of all, you need to make sure that you're typing properly, that is using all fingers on both hands and not just two fingers. If you don't learn to type properly, then your typing speed will always be around 35 words per minute or less, whereas a good employable speed is at least 50 words in minute.

The key to improving your typing speed is to ensure you learn how to touch type that is not looking at the keys when typing, but rather looking at the computer screen or printing material. If you can do this, then you will find that with practice your typing speed can increase up to at least an 80 words per minute. So what is touch typing? Well, it is when people use the keyboard to type without looking at the keys themselves.

This can take several hours to learn and more to build up speed. But once you know which fingers should be used for the keys you will never look back. You should ensure that you seat correctly with your feet flat on the floor and your back supported by your chair, your elbow should be close to your body.

You should place your fingers on what is known as the home row. This row consists of the letters A S D F on the left side of the keyboard and then J K L on the right hand side. If you feel the F and J keys for both index fingers, you will feel raised ridges.

These are designed for you to feel your way onto the keys as a base, without the need to look at the keys. Once you can type the home keys without looking, you can then progress to learn the other keys from the keyboard. Your fingers should always be hovering over the home keys and move up or down depending on which key you need to press.

You need to practice for at least 15 minutes per day when you are learning. Though it can be a slight a slow process, you will find the more you practice, the faster that you will be. It will also help you increase your speed and accuracy if you keep your wrists raised.

And I must stress, it's very important for you to learn to type using a recommended typing program. There are many different shortcuts you can learn using a computer keyboard, but most time-saving of these is learning to type correctly. You can learn to type at a Pitman Training Center near you. .