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How To Learn Vowels For Singing

How To Learn Vowels For Singing

In this VideoJug film, professional singing expert Sonia Jones, gives you expert tips on how best to learn vowels for singing. Sonia runs through different methods, including scales, mirror work, tempo and self-recording that will help you improve your pronunciation of vowels while singing.

Now, when my pupils come to me and I always do one to one lessons, I make them sing the scales with all the relevant vowels for singing. So, I'll do a scale of 'A', 'E', 'O' and I go through all the different arpeggios using all those different vowels. Another tip is to really do a lot of mirror work.

Really look in the mirror and look at the shape of your mouth and the different tones you can make from your vowel sounds. Another tip is recording yourself singing because you can hear back whether your diction is clear or not and that's very important for selling your song. Practise singing at half the tempo until you get the vowel sounds and then take it up to tempo once you've learned it.

So it's important to do a lot of mirror work and watch your mouth shapes with your vowels sounds. Practise the scales using the 'A','E','O' shapes. Record yourself so you can hear your diction back.

And finally practise at half the tempo until you can hear everything clearly and then take it back to tempo. And that's how to learn vowels for singing. .