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How To Leger Fish

How To Leger Fish

Leger fishing, also known as bottom fishing, is where a weight is tied to the end of the line. Leger fishing targets the fish at the bottom of the river or lake bed. The advantage of leger fishing is that it can also be used where the water is deep or fast flowing. Learn the technique in this short video.

This is a brief introduction to leger fishing. In coarse fishing, there are two main types of that we fish, the technique. There's float fishing and there's leger fishing.

With Float fishing, we suspend the bait typically off the bottom, not by very much and let the float take float and the bait down the current. But with leger fishing, we want to achieve something different. Often, the water is too deep or too fast flowing for us to be able to float fish effectively.

So, we would use a leger weight. Leger weight comes in many different sizes, shapes and some of them have inbuilt plastic or metal cages which we use, we call a swim feeder. And so, they all have the same objective really, as they sink down to the river bed or the lake bed and they enable us to fish our bait close to the river bed or on the river bed and they also enable us to fish our bait still in a static and so we would feed the swim and we would attract the fish to come up to the place where we cast our leger in.

And we would use a specialist leger fishing rod, usually, and this is what's called a quiver tip rod. It has a very flexible tip and we would actually watch the flexible tip for the fish biting, as I hope we're going to see shortly. So, I'm going to swim the leger weight out into the pool, so that it runs out in the deeper part of the pool.

Little splash as the weight hits the bed of the river. I'm then going to put the rod on a rod rest and I'm watching for a bite and we're watching the rope tick and we're watching the sudden movements in the rope tick. But, that was a nice bite.

Oh, we got a quite a good sized fish, I think here. Fish is bending over nicely. We need to try and tire out the fish before we bring it right in.

Oh, jumping out and the nets got caught up. So, we sink the landing net down into the water and then we bring the fish slowly over the landing net. There we go.

On this occasion, we've got a good sized rainbow trout. So, there you go, one absolutely beautiful rainbow trout. So, that was a brief introduction to leger fishing which is one of the main techniques for coarse fishing. .