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How To Lighten Hair

How To Lighten Hair

Lightening hair is one of the most effective ways of giving your self a complete makeover. Learn how to professionally lighten your hair with this video where experts will share their saloon secrets with you.

Today I am going to be sharing some of my ideas and techniques for you to get the very best out of your hair. How to lighten hair. Now today we are here with our model and the senior colourist in our salon Andrew Jose and we are going to be looking at how to lighten hair, so what are the things that you firstly have to consider before taking our lady lighter today.

First of all what is being done to the hair previously and we did find out that the hair is being coloured before, high-lighted before and done colour, so we can't use anything to lighten it up we are going to use bleach. So the look we are going to be going for is to have specific pieces that almost give back a sun-kissed look. So we are going go to be bleaching small sections to round the hair line because that would be the place that naturally the hair would pick up to be lighter and then you can see there is a few layers through here and the best way of doing that is we are going to quite randomly lighten pieces of hair through out and this is going to give a beautiful scattered almost a belly-arch effect right the way through the hair of random lighten pieces of hair which tend to look very natural and very very beautiful so we will be colouring for the underneath through to the end and the a few pieces around the face which can really make the style jump out as much as possible.

That's perfect! So let us come back to you when we start to see some of the bleach going on. So I notice you have two different types of bleach here, what is the difference between the two pots? Yes, we do need stronger bleach for the regrowth. for the roots and, for the hair that is already tinted we need a weaker bleach.

Ok so its the peroxide strength that is different.

Yes. Anything special about any conditioning agent in this that helps.

No So its literally to lighten the hair Yes just to lighten the hair
Perfect! So let us see the first section go in. so this is the high volume peroxide. No this is the lower
Ok this is the lower. now you do not do, can we see that, now you do not go quite to the root because the colour will expand, the bleach will expand and take it close to, so that's experience that tells you how much to leave it. Yes and also as we go before we close the foil we sort of flat it down, the foil, and it will go up as well.

Ok so it pushes it down. Yes, it will go up now a little bit. Now obviously you are very very experienced in doing this if some one was doing this who is less experienced would you recommend that they wear gloves? I would recommend for them to wear gloves,yes.

Ok so its not going on you but it might not go on some one else . Yes and also to cover well

Ok we leave you to complete the side and we will come back and have another look as you come around the front and do some of those key sections
Ok so now we have got all the foils in the hair just tell me a little bit because there is a lot of consideration about what you have not coloured so tell me about that
As the hair is being layered at a shorter length we have taken the top section clipped it away, we are not going to put any colour in the top section so basically we have like a T-section here, front section, we left a tiny little section from the front as well so that high lights are not close to the face and not close the skin and slightly left half an inch from the face, and then we are going to achieve a blonde look but only on the long hair so the top section we are going to cover

So this is a brilliant way of getting hair lightened all the way through but you are not getting a regrowth on this, are you?
Because you have got the natural hair on the top which helps tremendously all the way through and I noticed that you are really just picking this up and that is lightening very quickly and its getting quite warm, which is normal, so that is just lightening all the way through so we are going to have a scattering of lightened hair right the way through, do