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How To Live Under The Radar

How To Live Under The Radar

Learn how to avoid the eyes of the vast machine with VideoJug's help. Watch this film, and learn how to travel and shop without letting the authorities watch every single move you make.

WE ARE BEING WATCHED. Across the world our lives are being tracked and monitored as never before. Our movements, spending habits, reading preferences and identities are under constant surveillance from the government. You might think it's impossible to avoid the attentions of the big brother state – but you'd be wrong. We at Videojug tried to ask some of the leading experts in avoiding surveillance how to live under the radar, but we couldn't find them. So here's our guide.

Across the globe almost every journey we make is monitored

There are 4500 speed cameras, bus lane cameras, CCTV on buses, and CCTV on every petrol station forecourt to keep an eye on you.

Speed cameras are multiplying in ever increasing numbers - not only do they register your speed but also your license plate.

In London Oyster cards keep a record of every journey you make. You can't get on a plane without a passport and must show your driving license if the police stop you in your car

But there are ways to travel under the radar.

Buy tickets for every journey you make with cash

Get a bike, you don't need a license for that

Walk, you'll never be stopped for speeding

If you need to travel internationally then buy your own private jet with cash, find a dodgy pilot willing to fly you beneath the radar and parachute down rather than going through passport control.

Even your shopping habits are being monitored – do you really think that the store loyalty card you get swiped after every purchase is for your benefit? That library card is being monitored too. There are shadowy figures out there registering what you read and if deciding whether that makes you a danger to the system.

Fact – That information from your loyalty card can be sold on to third parties.

Fact – Far from being a reward for you the stores use the information to exploit you further.

Fact – There are books on a government watch-list – if you borrow certain books you'll be under suspicion almost immediately.

What can you do to protect yourself from your consumer habit from being tracked and analysed? VJ has some more advice for you.

Get rid of the loyalty card, the benefits aren't that great.

Shop with cash, don't use a credit card.

Don't purchase over the internet, sales are closely monitored and registered.

Buy books, don't borrow them. Preferably from a nice cheap second hand book stores

Following these tips you should be able to successfully go dark and avoid the eyes of the vast machine forever…..