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How To Look Good In A Photograph

How To Look Good In A Photograph

We have some tricks to make you always look good in a photograph. We'll show you some tips the pros use - everything from makeup to clothing to poses. You'll even learn how to get a better smile.

Step 1: You will need

  • 1 potato
  • 1 cucumber
  • hemorrhoidal cream

Step 2: Prep

Here are a few tricks professional models use before a shoot: If you have puffy eyes, try placing some thin cucumber slices on them for a few minutes. You can also try applying hemorrhoid cream to the puffy area. If you have dark circles under the eyes, the potassium in raw potato slices can often bleach them away.

The camera, especially with a flash, can mute and bleach cosmetic color. So apply your make-up heavier than normal. Also, if you want to make your teeth appear whiter, try applying lipstick that's a shade brighter than normal. If you want to give the impression of having high cheekbones in your pictures, apply your foundation under your cheekbones one shade darker than normal.

Step 3: The Clothing

Your pictures should be about you, not your clothing. So keep it simple. No wild, distracting patterns or garish colors. Wearing one color, or similar shades, from shoulders to shoes will streamline and thin your appearance.
Horizontal stripes and pleated pants will make you appear fuller - while vertical stripes and flat pants will give you a slimmer look. Also, pants with a high waistline will make your legs look longer.

Wearing trendy clothes will immediately date your pictures, so wear classic styles instead. For ladies, wearing matching hose to your shoes will make your legs appear longer.

Step 4: The Pose

If you want your hips to look smaller, keep your shoulders to camera and angle your hips at a 3/4 angle. To look thinner, keep your arms and elbows away from your body.

To avoid the mug shot look, put one foot behind the other. Have your shoulders and head at different angles. And always put weight on your back foot.

If you have larger ears, try posing at a 3/4 angle to lens so you show only one ear to camera so as to diminish how big your ears look in the photograph.

If you have a big nose or many chins, try turning your head straight to camera and raise your chin slightly.

Step 5: Camera Angle

If you want to look thinner, ask your photographer to shoot from a high angle, above your head. This focuses attention on your face and eyes, and not your body.

Camera angle can also change the way your nose looks too. If you have a short nose and want to make it appear larger, have the photographer shoot from a high camera angle. If you have long nose and want to make it appear shorter, have the photographer shoot from a low angle.

And if you want that glamorous Audrey Hepburn look, ask the photographer shoot from a higher angle, tilt your head down a bit and look a little over the camera.

Step 6: Lighting

If you are taking pictures outside, try to avoid direct sunlight, especially during high noon. Overcast skies provide a nice even look, which is a far more flattering light than squinting in harsh sunlight. If the skies aren't overcast, morning and just before sunset will provide the light which will make you look your best.

Step 7: Smile

To help you get past a fake, stale smile, try to think about something funny. If that doesn't work, try breathing in and smiling as you breathe out. That's what the pros do. This relaxes your face and makes your smile look more natural.

Step 8: Done.

So there you go - you now know how to look good in photos. You can rest easy and if any more photo nightmares come along, remember it's never too late to learn Photoshop!