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How To Look Good In The Morning

How To Look Good In The Morning

Staying over at someone's house is a big step. When the sun rises, will you have morning breath? Bed head? What will you sleep in? Here's how to look fresh and presentable even at the crack of dawn!

Step 1: Early Bird

The instant you wake up, roll over and realize you're not in your own bed, get up and get to the bathroom ASAP without waking Prince Charming. The object is to freshen up and get back into bed without him knowing.

Step 2: Bed Head

For a quick fix, wet your mop down with some water and tie it up in a bun or messy ponytail. A headband works wonders for out-of-control flyways.

Step 3: Breath Control

If you don't have your toothbrush on you, steal some mouthwash or toothpaste and use your finger. It's not ideal, but it beats having dragon breath.

Step 4: Best Face Forward

If you didn't wash your face the night before, do it now. Don't worry about getting every goop and glob, you don't want to look too perfect or he'll know you were primping. Apply some lotion and concealer or powder if needed. Refresh your underarms and other delicate areas with a refresher cloth.

Step 5: Play Dress Up

Grab one of his tees or button downs and then sprits it with your perfume so he can smell you all day long, even after you leave. Guys love to see a woman wearing his clothes.

Step 6: Back To Bed

After you're feeling fresh, tiptoe back to his room and slip under the sheets. When he stirs, fake a yawn and stretch. Let him look at you. There's no need to hide now.

Step 7: Done.