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How To Look Like A Bollywood Star

How To Look Like A Bollywood Star

Bollywood stars such as Shilpa Shetty and Aishwarya Rai always look fantastic with their dramatic makeup and opulent clothing. It's a unique look that always makes an impact. Want to know how to look like a Bollywood star? Never fear. As always, VideoJug has the answers. We teamed up with Naveeda, award winning Bollywood makeup artist, to bring you this guide to how to get the look.

Step 1: Colours

The best colours to use when creating the Bollywood look are greens, blues, pinks and purples, and the secret is to use as many different shades as you can. Getting the Bollywood look is all about adding colours on colours.

Step 2: Before you Begin

Make sure your skin is completely clean and dry.

Step 3: Eyes

Begin with the darkest colour first. Dust it over the entire eyelid with a medium eye shadow brush. It's best to start with the darkest colour you're going to use because it's easier to blend than if you're going from light to dark. Once you've applied the colour, use a blending brush to smooth it over, so that you don't get a harsh line when you add the other shades.

Step 4: Add Lighter Colour

Once you've applied the darkest coat, apply a lighter colour to the inside of the eyelid. Applying the eye shadow here gives the appearance that the eyes are wider, and makes them look further apart, which is important for this look.

Blend this lighter shade in with the darker colour, using a blending brush. Make sure the line where the colours meet at the top is soft, and that the colour does not stop at the brow bone. It is important to carry the colour up to the contour area.

Step 5: Bring Out Colour Beyond The Eyes

With a small brush, bring the eye shadow out in line with the nose and the end of the eyebrow. Bollywood eyes are all about the dramatic look and this means bringing the colour out beyond the eyelid itself.

Step 6: Apply Highlighter

Using a big brush, highlight the top of the eyelid underneath the eyebrow and blend it slightly over the colour where it meets the brow-bone. This is done using a bright, shiny, light colour.

Step 7: Add Vibrant Colour

To really pick the eyes up, with a clean, medium sized brush, add a really vibrant shade of the colour you are using. With Bollywood makeup you can keep adding as many vibrant colours as you like.

Step 8: Eyebrows

It is very important to go over the eyebrows. Don't use a pencil - this creates a very strong, unflattering line that looks too harsh, so it's best to use a powder and gently go over the eyebrow line. Once you've done that, comb the eyebrows with an eyebrow brush.

Step 9: Foundation

Using a foundation brush, apply foundation all over the face. The Bollywood look is all about creating a heavy look, so be generous when applying it. Use full coverage foundation and blend it down to the neckline. Many people have combination skin, which means that your skin is two-tone. Go over the first coat of foundation with a lighter colour. TOP TIP: Always match your skin colour in natural daylight, not under artificial light.

Step 10: Concealer

You may need to go over some areas with concealer. To do this use a smaller brush, and then blend it in with your fingers. Never apply the conceraler before the foundation, because once you apply foundation on top you're actually wiping the concealer away. You may want to apply some just below the eye to get rid of any dark circles. Pat over the areas with a large brush to get rid of any patches.

Step 11: Powder

Use a translucent powder and, with a medium brush, sweep it underneath the eyes and over the face. This sets the foundation and stops any shine. Then, with a fan brush, sweep it over the face to get rid of any excess powder.

Step 12: Apply Colour Underneath The Eye

Using a small angled brush, dab some dark eye shadow underneath the rim of the eye to give it some definition. You can either use one colour or blend two colours together to do this. This gives a softer, smokier look than using black eyeliner underneath the eye. Then, in the corner of the eye, apply a smidgen of the bright colour.

Step 13: Mascara