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How To Look Older: Hair

How To Look Older: Hair

If you're going for a more mature look, watch as we give Amy a grown-up look with a three-part makeover. In this video, you'll see how a new hairstyle can help you look older and more sophisticated.

Step 1: Single Color

When you're trying to look older, stay away from highlights and lowlights. When your hair is a single color, you'll look more sophisticated.

Step 2: Care-free Can Read As Careless

When you're young, you can get away with a tousled, just-got-out-of-bed look. To look a little more mature, don't be afraid to choose a haircut that forces you to take the extra time to style it every day.

Step 3: Inspiration

It's time to look to more mature magazines for hair inspiration. Ponytails and braids are mostly for teens and young adults. If you want a more mature hairstyle, magazines like Allure and In Style will give you great grown up inspiration.

Step 4: Chop It Off

Long hair is a younger look. A short haircut with sharp lines separates the women from the girls.