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How To Look Younger: Wardrobe

How To Look Younger: Wardrobe

Almost everyone wants to look a little younger. Clothes can do the trick. Find out how your wardrobe can take years off.

Step 1: Shape Yourself

It's inevitable: gravity takes over as you age. Take advantage of great new shape wear on the market. There's no excuse anymore for muffin tops, spillage or a saggy bust.

Step 2: More Is More

Young and hip equal accessories. Don't be afraid to add some bangles, belts and colorful bags to your wardrobe.

Step 3: Stay On Trend

If you're trying to look younger, you don't want to be caught in something that was cool a decade ago. Make sure you keep up with current trends. The old fashion rules like "don't wear white after Labor Day" don't really apply anymore. Make sure you're up on the new set of rules, such as "black now goes with navy and brown".