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How To Lose Belly Fat For Teens

How To Lose Belly Fat For Teens

For teenagers wanting to lose belly fat, this might just help you out in that area and in your self-image as well.

My name is Nick Mitchell. I'm a personal trainer in London. I own a gym called Ultimate Performance and here in this gym, we train everybody from pop stars ad soap stars to professional athletes and lots and lots of regular people in the art and science of body composition.

Those teenagers amongst who are watching this and have issues with belly fat, first of all, I want you to ask yourself possibly a hard question. Do you really have a fat belly? Or are you buying into the media hype that you've got to have a super it six-pack or you've got to look like a supermodel. If you really have a problem with belly fat and you're a teenager, you need to take a long long long hard look at yourself.

I'm going to tell you how it really is. I'm not going to tell you what you want to hear. You want to hear, “Oh, it's hormonal.

” You want to hear, “Oh, it's because I'm not eating the right type of bread. I'm eating the wrong type of pasta. My mom feeds me the wrong color of tomatoes or something.

” None of these is true. The reason why you've got a problem with being fat is because you drink too many Cokes. You drink too many fizzy drinks.

You drink orange juice and you think it's healthy. You don't exercise or you think exercise is playing on your playstation or your Nintendo and you know, wagging your stick or whatever it is that you guys do, none of these is exercise. Exercise is going out or going to the gym and getting out of breath.

So the reason why there are now so many teens who are not just having an issue with belly fat but also obese, is because their diet just quite simply sucks. The diet is pretty simple. You would just eat healthy food, healthy nutritious food, don't eat a Mars bar, eat an apple.

Don't have three bowls of Coco Pops, have some bacon, have some eggs, that's fine. Don't eat half a loaf of bread and process margarine and some strange thing in a sandwich. Have a piece of meat.

Have a piece of chicken. If you can't afford it, if you're a student, if you're 18, 19, and a student and you have to watch your pennies, then be sensible. Eggs aren't really that expensive.

They're not. I know you can eat a lot of McDonald's for they're very very cheap but you know it's not good for you and that doesn't make you feel good. Aside from the diet, look into your exercise.

Look at your exercise, you don't have to walk into going into a gym and become Conan, you don't want to have to do anything like that. You just have to do some regular exercise whether it's playing football, going for a run, running with the dog, it doesn't matter what it is. Start doing some exercise.

You will also find that if you're a student, that your brain functions better when you're exercising. It's been proven scientifically time after time again. I'm afraid you can't come up any magic tracks for the problem of teenage belly fat.

It's really about basic common sense and just going out and doing it really looking in the mirror. If you don't like what you see, it's not going to change unless you get up there and help yourself. .