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How To Lose Neck Fat

How To Lose Neck Fat

A personal trainer explains what circuit training is, and how it can aid in neck fat and weight loss. He demonstrates a simple routine and suggests ways you might personalize it, using whatever equipment is available.

If you're looking to lose fat on your neck, you can't actually just reduce fat there. When you do any kind of like training or eating plans to reduce body fat, it reduces everywhere. Chances are, if you've got a bit of a fat neck, you're probably fat in other places, too, so what I would advise is to look at nutrition.

Make sure you don't eat more calories than you're expending, and you've got a nice balance of protein and carbs and fats, and your carbs are ideally low-glycemic index, not high. And also, train. Now, there are lots of different ways of training.

It can become quite overwhelming. One really good way of training is by doing circuit training. Circuit training is when you do a few exercises, usually different muscle groups, back to back.

You can make it easy or hard by just changing the rest times. So now, I'm going to do a circuit with a power bag. I'm going to do a dead lift.

I'm also going to do an upright row. I'm going to do a shoulder press, and then I'm going to throw it on the floor and do a press-up. Then I'm going to do it again, and again.

It's a really hard workout; it's quite advanced. This weight is fifteen kilos. For the beginner, you can do it with a bar, a dumbbell, or do it with a power bag, maybe like a bit less, about five kilos.

Now, you can mix any kind of exercises together. This is using a power bag. Most gyms don't actually have power bags, but you can use dumbbells.

You can do a bicep curl, straight into a shoulder press, straight into a squat. It's up to you. But the exercise is really good fun, because you can actually be creative.

You can mix it up any way you want. And that's some tips on how to lose weight, and how to reduce neck fat. So to sum up, circuit training is great, and you can be creative.

Do anything you want. If you don't have a power bag, you can do medicine balls. You can throw it back and forth and do a squat.

Use dumbbells, maybe a bicep curl, and a shoulder press, and a squat. It's up to you. The great thing about training is you can make it fun and make it different each and every time.

So, to recap, do some training. Try some circuit training out, eat well, and your body fat will reduce and you'll see your neck go slimmer. .