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How To Lose Weight On Your Stomach

How To Lose Weight On Your Stomach

You have to follow a good exercise regime and a good diet to have a good stomach posture and to look good. Here are tips in this video.

Today, I'm talking about how to lose weight off your stomach. There's good news and bad news. You lose weight off your stomach in terms of actually targeting that area specifically, that's much more difficult especially where you lose fat from your body, when you eat the right nutritional balance and diet and exercise.

It's largely to term it genetically to different people, based on genetics to lose weight from different places first. So I'll tell you what you can do, traditional, you know, weight loss stuff, throw out the window, focus on really eliminating or reducing the amount of sugar and carbohydrate in your diet. Keep that right down.

You know, forget so much of calorie counting and low fat diets, focus on the carbs, that's where the real money is, that's what's going to help you lose weight. In terms of looking at stomachs specifically, all the traditional exercise stuff that you would have learnt, weight training to build up your muscles mass, the more muscle that you have, the more calorie-hungry your body becomes, so the less likely you are to gain weight and the more likely you are to keep it off and burn it faster. Aerobic exercise, to burn off your fat, balance it with steady stake stuff, and interval training intends to burst with rest or lower intensity bits in between.

Mindset, focus on how you think about your weight loss, long term lifestyle changes and all of that stuff to kind of help you achieve your goals. Mindset is absolutely crucial, and the psychological emotional side of weight loss is key, and then we're going to look at the stomach specifically. So what can do if you can't really target your stomach? Well, first, you've got to remember that everything you pinch is fat, even if you grab hold of it, is excess fat so that's really about coming back to the exercise and diet bit, eating the right things, making sure that you know you're burning off the fat with your aerobic exercise to reduce your body fat percentage and that will help your stomach look slimmer.

And the other thing that actually really comes to posture and how you exercise your abdominal, what we call, your core region, and it's really about developing good strong postures so you're standing tall, your pelvis sits well underneath your body and you're holding your stomach in and making sure that when you're training your abdominal muscles, your balancing, kind of doing what's called core exercise or muscles that utilize your stomach area as a stabilizer for your trunk, rather than just doing sit ups and traditional stomach exercises and making sure that you are doing sit ups correctly when you are doing them. So, you hold your stomach in all the way to the top of the exercise. What I often see people doing in the gym, is they're kind of crunching or they're curling up and at the end of that movement at the top, the stomach pushes out or pops out and that will help you, your stomach muscles will develop however you train them so if you train them in that way, you will end up with the sticking out stomach which I'm sure it's not what you want.

So make sure you're doing your abdominal training properly and as well as balancing that with really focusing on reducing body fat percentage. If you grab it, then you want to do the weight training to lose it and the posture stuff is all about choosing the right exercises to have you hold yourself in the right way. If you'd like to find out more about how we can help you lose weight and especially kind of have your stomach look the way you want, come and see us at Move Beyond, www dot movebeyond dot net. .