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How To Lose Weight On Your Thighs

How To Lose Weight On Your Thighs

Move beyond with Kyle Newman and find out how to lose weight in the thigh area. Benefit and stay healthy with help at hand and get better results from your training and diet. Watch this Videojug film and learn more!

Today, we're talking about how to lose weight off your thighs. So, let's talk a little bit about how to lose weight and then specifically look at the thighs. Of course, there's some good news, there's some bad news.

The bad news is it's actually quite difficult to target any specific body area when you are losing weight, because essentially, it is genetically predisposed or predetermined as to where you'll go from when you start exercising and dieting to lose weight. So, the things to focus on to really lose weight effectively, focus on throwing out of the window the low calorie diet and low fat diet and stuff that you have learned before, and actually focus on a low carbohydrate diet. All of the most up to date research shows that is the way to both stay healthy and lose weight.

So, we can tell you a bit more about that. Exercise-wise, essentially you want to make sure you are doing a variety of exercises, you are increasing your muscle mass. By having more muscle in your body, you'll burn more fat more quickly, and keep it off because your muscle tissue uses about 3 times as much energy as fat even if you are not exercising.

So, more muscle equals more calories burnt, cardiovascular, steady state aerobic exercise which I'm sure you are doing already, to burn off the excess calories. Mix in high intensity into your training with that to really increase the effectiveness of your cardiovascular exercise. That will really help.

So, things like, you know, really fast high intensity for about 30 seconds, with a sort of 90-second recovery, sort of slow, low intensity, repeat that 6-8 or 10 times with a warm and a cool down. Work on your mindset, obviously. A central part of helping to lose weight is how you think about your body, what caused you to gain weight in the first place, you know, the emotional, psychological element is an absolutely key piece.

So let's look at those thighs then in particular, how do you keep it off your thighs? There's specific stuff, you know, generally making sure you're exercising the thigh area, using whole body movements rather than isolated exercises. So things like squats, plunges, step-ups rather than kind of, little tiny calisthenic movements to try and tone specific areas. The other thing I want to focus a little bit on is the high intensity burst exercise.

There's a little about hormones around losing weight off the thighs. The reason we store, as women, more weight on the thighs is due to your estrogen levels and your progesterone levels. So if you want to work on that a little bit, what you can do is focus on those high intensity bursts.

Doing that high intensity sprint and aerobic exercise with a rest and recovery periods, I can help to increase your human growth hormone, to increase your testosterone a little bit and reduce the estrogen levels by balance and that could really help with the thigh area and keeping the weight off the thighs, so give that a try. Make sure you're kind of nicely detoxed on a regular basis as well, and that will help you with the thigh areas. Beyond that, just keep your focus on healthy exercise, healthy diet and healthy mindset.

Good luck. If you'd like to know more about how we can help you keep it off the thighs, then come and see us at Move Beyond, www dot movebeyond dot net.