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How To Make 3D Pictures With A Digital Camera

How To Make 3D Pictures With A Digital Camera

You can make your own 3D Pictures with any digital camera, using free 3D software. Amazing results and very fun to do!

Step 1: Setting Up

It’s time to get out your red and blue-coloured glasses because I’m going to show you how to make your own 3D pictures using any digital camera. The process is very simple. You take one picture of your scene, and then move the camera two to three inches and take another picture of the same scene. That’s it!

Step 2: Getting The Software

Enter this URL into your browser and you’ll find absolutely free 3D software which will allow you to combine these pictures and make a 3D image which you can see with the red and blue glasses. I’ll show you how to use this software in just a moment. But let’s talk about what makes a good 3D picture.

Step 3: Making A Great Picture

Whether it’s a still life photo like this, an outdoor scene, or a shot with people, you want objects in the foreground, middle ground, and background for the best results. Simply take one shot, move the camera to the right, take another. Transfer your photos onto your computer and you’re all ready to go.

Step 4: Using The Software

The 3D software will run on any windows computer including Vista. Launch the software, go to the File menu, select open left and then pick the first picture of the scene. You’ll see it appear in the left-hand pane of the window. Now do the same with the right hand side, selecting the second picture in the series. Now you’re ready to combine the two images and make the 3D picture.

Step 5: Making The Picture 3D

By left-clicking in the left pane, you can drag and open a box which will select the area you’ll use. When you’re done defining your area, an identical box will appear on the right hand side. Now go to Preview 3D and select Anaglyph. Put on your red and blue glasses and adjust the images to the left or right, and up and down using the sliders. This will allow you to fine tune your final picture to get the absolute best 3D results. Once you’re satisfied with your image, go to File and Save Anaglyph, name it, save it, select the image quality, and you’re finished. It’s that easy and the results are amazing.

Step 6: The Finished Product

Here are some sample pictures you can view right now if you have a pair of 3D glasses. If you don’t, look for my other video which will explain how you can make your own very cheaply.