How To Make A B53 Cocktail

How To Make A B53 Cocktail

B53 Cocktail. A delicious cocktail layered with a multitude of flavours including vodka, coffee liqueur, and baileys. Appreciate our B53 Cocktail.


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Step 1: You will need

  • 15 ml vodka
  • 15 ml coffee liqueur
  • 15 ml Bailey's Irish cream liqueur
  • 1 shooter/shot glass
  • 1 barspoon/teaspoon

Step 2: Prepare your cocktail

Use chilled ingredients to make your B53 really refreshing.

Firstly take a shooter glass and pour in 15 millilitres or a dash of coffee liqueur.

Next take a teaspoon and hold it to the edge of the glass. Now it's time to layer 15 millilitres, just a dash, of Baileys. Finally, layer a dash, or 15 millilitres of vodka over the top. Now your cocktail is ready to be served.