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How To Make A Baby Hair Bow

How To Make A Baby Hair Bow

Baby hair bows are fun to create. It may look easy, but after you tie a bow, you must be careful as you trim the ribbon end. Using thread, sew the bow together with a button in the middle, using more than 2 or 3 stitches. Place your bow on a clip and sew it on.

Hi. I'm Janie Lawson and I'm a millener. I run the glam hatters tea party.

Today I'm going to be showing you how to make hair accessories. In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to make baby hair bows. So you will need some ribbon.

It's really nice if you can get ribbon that's got a different colour each side, a clip, and a button. You can buy all of those at your haberdashers or you can have a look at my website and buy them in a kit. So, you're going to start off by tying a bow.

Now, when you're tying a bow, because this if for a baby, you want a really nice little one. Just take your time to get it right. And then when you are trimming off the end of the ribbon, fold it in half, snip into it, until you get that nice little edging.

And having the two different colours is really nice because then you get the highlights. So now you're going to use a double thread and you're going to come through from the back then stitch into the middle of the bow to hold it all together. And then up into the middle and you're just going to pop your button on.

This is a really cute one because it's a little heart. So, it's really sweet. I've seen lovely lady bugs and ducks and all sorts of things.

You can really use anything. Once you've got your button on, go through the back and just a double stitch. The tie off and then you know that's all nice and secure and you're going to add it to your clip.

So, you're going to go around, to the top of the clip, and stitch. The stitch comes out of the front. And then a tiny stitch in the front until you get into the back again.

And from there you go across. Just keep putting it nice and tight, you need to just stay on the face. To the back again.

See I've got one across the back, one across the clip, and your last one comes down the other side. Up to the front, a tiny stitch to get to the back, and then you just do a double stitch here, to finish off. And what I do is I just go through the loop of that stitch which makes a knot and keeps it really secure.

And I do that twice just so it's really nice and secure. Trim the end and there you have it. That is how to make a baby hair bow.