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How To Make A Baby Scrapbook

How To Make A Baby Scrapbook

Learn how to create the perfect scrapbook albums for your kids, whether it is a boy or a girl this video tutorial will help you get started with lots of ideas, tips and hints. Watch now!

Hi again, now here we have how to do a baby album. This is just a very brief idea on what you can do for some baby pages. Obviously a camera, there's some really gorgeous little stickers, absolutely perfect for a girl or a boy and some really sweet letters because it is always nice to have a child's name spelled out and there may be a little bit of journaling but if not even just the name is perfect.

This one says immediately to me that it is a girl, so how sweet would that be, even if she's not so sweet now but these things happen. And what about a little boy, gorgeous little checked paper, sweet little blue romper suit, and look, we've even got the shorts with the little check on them. Absolutely perfect together, ok we might want to change the lettering style slightly but that lettering would work absolutely perfect with these two little cherubs.

You can see here, obviously a little girl. Everything is pretty much pink, etc. light, bright, I think for small babies you tend to go more towards the pastels.

If you are going for a slightly older child like a toddler then bright colors, bright colors are what they absolutely love or there's nothing to say that you can't have a very artistic photo with some black and white shots and again with your colored paper, bring in all the colors with the trim, etc. now, also I've been asked to mention what to do about the front of an album. Well, this is a tiny little handmade rag book for a grandma or to carry in your pocket and you can see I've used the photograph here so I'm personalizing the front of the album too, little fabric flower, little piece of the family, that's actually been rubberstamped, embossed, cutout ant then mounted and even on the inside of the book you can do a little bit of stamping and even on the edge of each page you can put just a little bit of rubber stamp with a permanent ink that's suitable to use in a scrapbook, like ancient page, memories, versifying, that won't come off that will stay on permanently, archival and acid-free and that's a perfect book for a little girl.

If you want slightly more than just your style you can go for something like this, this one has got a crisscross binding on the end. This little oval that has been cut out with a paper punch and then mounted on a little bit of the camera, again this is scrapbooking paper's that have been used and some little feather butterflies stuck on some silicone glue, and again you haven't got to have a boring color inside. It's for a little girl, why not a pink paper? As you want or cover up with pattern.

so that is a very brief overview on what to do with some baby albums.