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How To Make A Baby Sling

How To Make A Baby Sling

This short video describes how to make a baby sling for the newborn babies that give a safe and secure nearness to the mother. A sling is very useful for the baby to be seated comfortably and the mother can look after the baby in a closer way.

Hi. I am Laura Campbell from Babyladies and I am going to give you some tips on how to look after you newborn and how to achieve the best that you will. I am going to show you how to make a baby sling, and what you need is 4 meters of stretched cotton and which I am going to place around my stomach, and pass it to the back and take this bit at this shoulder and this bit at this shoulder and pull over and cross it from, and tuck these two bits from here to here and then get full two bits securely around my waist.

I am going to get my baby. Obviously, this is a doll and it is a lot better with a real baby. I am going to spot the baby's one leg inside and cross the head and keep the other leg this side and straighten the cotton over her, and so the seat will be safe and secure.

Then move way up the baby and now, the baby is very happier and safe, warm, and secure and now, you are free all the way to do your business. That is how I make a baby sling. .