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How To Make A Beaded Bracelet

How To Make A Beaded Bracelet

Bead bracelets are stylish accessories to add to any outfit. They can be made for special occasions such as holidays or birthdays to give as gifts or as your own personal accessory. Watch this video to learn how to make your very own bead bracelet.

In this video, I'm going to show you how to make a bead bracelet. And we will be using chain and a combination of beads. To start, you will need some Tiger Tail wire.

I am using seven strand. This is a type of wire, seven strand, and the thickness is 0.38 mm.

This is quite a good thickness of wire, very versatile. You will need some 2 mm crimps. You will need some close jump rings.

These are sold completely closed and do not have an opening. You need some big open jump rings. These are approximately 15 mm in diameter.

You will need a small bit of chain. This is 6.5 cm of chain with a clasp attached.

You will need some beads, which already have the pin head attached with the loop at the top of each one. You will need a big circle, and this is made out of shell bead. It is a shell bead circle.

You will need some additional beads; this is optional. You will need some smaller beads along with some different sizes of beads. This, you can vary as you wish.

When you see the finished bracelet, it will make more sense. Also optional, if you would like to wrap some beads, you can. To begin with, first, we are going to crimp the end of the wire.

So, we thread in our crimp and we thread in a closed jump ring at the end of the wire into the crimp. So, it is as such. Then, you pull the crimp tightly against the jump ring.

Use a pair of crimping pliers. It is very important to practice with the pliers before you use them in your final piece. This is a two-step process.

First, you put the crimping tube back of the two sets of grooves and squeeze until you end up with a heart shaped crimp. Then, you put it in the front grove of the pliers, standing it on its end. Squeeze it and this will fold the crimp over and secure it tightly.

There are instructions on these particular crimping pliers, made by Breedlove. Then, you begin to thread your beads. Arrange them in any design or color as you wish.

I have a little tail here from the end that is going to slide into the first few beads. Now, I'm going to thread in a little crimp, these are 2 mm crimps with a solid jump ring, completely closed. Put half the end into the jump ring and the end of the wire into the loop of the beads.

Pull the end of the wire through the jump ring. Really pull to tighten and remove any gaps. And before you do anything, you want to crimp and secure the ends so that your beads don't fall out.

Again, you place the crimping tube or crimping bead in the last set of grooves of the crimping pliers. Squeeze to make a heart shaped crimp and put the crimp in the first set of grooves. Squeeze tightly and fold it over.

There you have one length. We are going to make two lengths and attach the two lengths onto the chain. Okay, so now I have finished stringing both strands and I have the tails sticking out.

I am going to use special pliers. These are side cutters, but they are slightly better than ordinary side cutter that comes in a pliers set. It is called a flush cutter, and it is very good for cutting Tiger Tail.

If you have one of these, keep it safe and do not use it on anything else other than Tiger Tail because it can do damage to the blade. If you are doing lots of beading, you want to keep your flush cutters in good condition so it is easy, you to cut away. I am going to use the shell bead now.

These jumpers, I can open with my hands very easily. I'm going to attach on there and another one there. I have the option now of either attaching a second string in that big jump ring or I can use an additional jump ring.

I'll put another jump ring in. I'm also going to thread in some beads. Now, to finish it off, I'm going to put in a big jump ring.

To keep the theme consistent, I am using a big jump rings here and here. I am going to attach another big jump ring here. Now, this might end up being too long for me, and it is a little bit.

My clasp is at the end here so I'm going to move it as it is a l