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How To Make A Beaded Necklace

How To Make A Beaded Necklace

This video is a fast, simple, accessible, and enjoyable guide to making beaded necklaces and jewelry. Not only does it give instructions on cutting the wire correctly, threading the beads on, and securing the beads as well as creating an easy way to put on and take off the piece of jewelry. This is an excellent video for beginners to jump right into making their very own jewelry.

Hi. I'm Jessica from the London Jewelry School, and today, I'm going to show you how to make some jewelry. This is how to make a beaded necklace.

For this project, you will need some nylon wire, chain nose plyers, some round nosed plyers, some side cutters, a clasp, some jump rings, some callots, and some crimps. So first of all, I'm going to take my nylon wire and cut off a nice long piece. Always make it much longer than you want the necklace to be so you have plenty of room to work.

I'm just going to cut it with my side cutters or you can use a pair of scissors. Now to secure one end, I'm going to thread one of my callot through the bottom followed by a crimp. The crimps I'm using are one millimeter by two millimeters.

Next, using my chain nose plyers, I'm going to squash my crimp nice and firmly to hold it in place. Using my side cutters. I'm going to cut off the excess wire above the crimp as close as I can to the crimp.

And using the crimp cover the callot, I'm going to cover the callot. I'll use my chain nose plyers to close the sides in, being careful not to squash it. And now I'm ready to start threading on.

As you can see, I've laid out all my beads in the shape I want my necklace to be, which is a nice tip so that you know what order you want to do everything in. And one by one, simply thread them on. So once you've finished putting all your beads on, you're going to do exactly the same as you did on this side to the other side.

So I'm going to start by putting on my callots, followed by my crimp, and I want to make sure that the beads are right down the wire and there's no bits that are baggy. Using my chain nose plyers, I'm going to get right in there and close that crimp, nice and firmly. Again, cut off the excess wire as close as you can.

And again, using the chain nose, you're going to close the crimp cover. So finally, we just need to attach a clasp. And we're going to use a T-bar clasp for this one and a pair of jump rings.

I'm going to open up the jump rings, hop them through the loop, and attach on one side. And I'm just going to close the jump ring. Make sure it's 100% closed because you don't want it opening at any stage.

And we'll do the same on the other side. Where possible, always use two flat plyers to close the jump rings. And once they're completely closed, hop that through there.

And there you have your beaded necklace.