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How To Make A Bellini Cocktail

How To Make A Bellini Cocktail

Bellini Cocktail. We've come to Meet Bar in London. Head Bartender Gerry Calabrese is going to show us how to make a Bellini, a refreshing fusion of champagne and peaches. Relish our Bellini Cocktail.


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Step 1: You will need…

  • some champagne or sparkling wine
  • some peaches
  • 1 long spoon
  • 1 champagne glass
  • blender

Step 2: Peaches

Take your peaches. Remove the stones, cut the flesh into small pieces, and blend at high speed until puréed.

Step 3: Peach Purée

Put 20ml or 4 teaspoons of peach purée into the champagne glass

Step 4: Champagne

Slowly top up the glass with champagne, stopping to wait for the bubbles to settle. When the glass is about three quarters full, vigorously stir the drink with the bar spoon. Then fill the rest of the glass with champagne…

Step 5: Serve