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How To Make A Book

How To Make A Book

Bookbinding Part 1: This video provides a clear, step by step approach to making books. By following the detailed instructions, you will learn how to bind books using relatively few tools and little material. For a DVD go to: http://www.papierdesign.de/wrapped/bookbinding.htm

Step 1: Half clothed binding:

Bookbinding Part 1: This film shows how to make a half-clothed binding, step-by step. With half-clothed binding, the book covers the spine and extends onto the boards. The remainder of the boards will be covered with decorative paper. This model shows the individual parts of a book; the case with two boards, the craft paper - which will connect the boards, the card spine stiffener - inserted between the boards, the book cloth and the decorative papers. The book block consists of the text weight paper and the end papers at the beginning and the end of the book. In addition one can also see the fabric reinforcement of the end of the paper, one of the tapes, the sew that is used to sew the signatures together and the decorative end band.

Step 2: Signatures and Endpapers:

Fold each sheet down the middle, push the block down and fan it out. Smooth-fold firmly down with the edge of a bone folder. Four sheets are put inside one another. Fold two end papers down the middle. The two end papers are placed on waste paper as shown, so that the fold of the upper edge end paper lays 5 millimeters behind the edge of the fold of the lower end paper. Next, place waste paper on top so that it’s border is, again, 5 millimeters behind the edge of the fold of the other end paper. Apply glue to the two 5 millimeter wide strips of the end paper.

Step 3: Discard waste paper:

Discard the waste paper on top. Separate the two end papers and remove the waste paper. Glue one end paper to the first page of the first signature; end paper and signature should be flush at the fold. Similarly, glue the second end paper to the last page of the last signature. Glue out a 3-centimetre wide strip of hinge cloth. Discard the newspaper and lay the strip on the table. Lay the signature end paper down on the strip of cloth make sure that the hinge cloth extends beyond the spine fold by 5 millimetres. Fold around the signature. Turn the signature over and carefully rub down the hinge cloth. Repeat with the other signature.

Step 4: Trimming the Sections:

With a paper cutter, trim each section, one at a time, minimally beginning with the head or tail. In order to make a clean cut, it is important that the paper lies exactly at the base of the guillotine. One hand firmly presses down with the press bar - the blade is pulled to the left during cutting. To trim the parallel edge use the guide. After this, all signatures are of equal height. Also, while cutting the four edges the signatures lie flush against the paper cutters guide. Trimming with the paper cutter produces a slightly rough cut surface, which corresponds to the character of the paper.

Step 5: Preparing the Sewing:

Preparing the Sewing: The first end paper signature is then placed on the sewing template. Transfer the markings to the signature with a pencil. Apply glue to the first 3 centimetres of the three sewing tapes, which are each, 1 centimetre wide. Stick the tapes down onto the first end paper sections so that they line up with the markings. They should be flush to the edge of the hinge cloth.