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How To Make A Caffé Latte

How To Make A Caffé Latte

Top UK barista Robert Henry shows you how to make the perfect caffé latte using a domestic machine. Learn the simplistic steps to achieve a Caffé Latte that would be more common in a top-class coffee shop.

Step 1: You will need

  • An espresso maker
  • A coffee cup
  • A wide bottomed jug
  • Water
  • Fresh, cold milk
  • Ready ground coffee

Step 2: Heat the water

Different models may vary, but make sure you pour enough water into the tank of the machine so that the pump pipes are fully submerged. Turn on the power and the pump to pump water into the boiler. Turn on the boiler to heat the water. The handle that holds the coffee is called the group handle and this should be locked into the machine. The light on the machine will go out when the water is at the correct temperature. Turn off the boiler and press the dosage button to let water flow through the handle for about 10 seconds. This will clean it through and heat it to the same temperature as the water.

Step 3: Add the coffee

Your machine should come with a dosing spoon to measure out the coffee. For a single shot of espresso you will need one spoonful of coffee (7 grams), and for a double shot you will need 2 spoonfuls (14 grams). Put the correct amount in the filter basket and tap it to create a level surface. Use the tamper provided to compact the coffee. This will ensure the water doesn't flow through it too fast.

Step 4: Filter

Lock the group handle into the machine and put a coffee cup underneath. Turn on the dosage button. The coffee should take 14-18 seconds to filter through for a single espresso and 20-25 seconds for a double, after which you should turn off the dosage button. If it is filtering through too fast, add a bit more coffee and compact it more firmly. If you are grinding your own coffee beans, grind them more finely.

Step 5: Steam the milk

Milk can be steamed using the steam arm on your coffee machine. Turn the arm on full for 5 seconds before inserting it into the milk, as this will clean it through. Position the arm so it goes down the side and to the bottom of the jug, to avoid making the milk frothy. Turn it back on full and wait a few moments until the sides of the jug are hot enough to be uncomfortable to the touch.
Turn off and take the jug away. Wipe the steam arm and turn it on to clean it through once more.

Step 6: Add the milk

Tap the jug on a work surface and swirl the milk around to create a shiny surface with the consistency of thick custard. Carefully pour the milk on top of the espresso and serve.

Step 7: Café Latte Macchiato

This is a variation of a café latte which is served in a glass and, for purely visual reasons, is made by adding the espresso after the milk. Steam the milk and pour it into a tall glass. Make an espresso in a small jug and carefully pour it into the glass. The espresso will float above the milk so it should be stirred before drinking.