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How To Make A CD Clock

How To Make A CD Clock

Learn how to hack or transform a simple alarm clock in a cool CD clock with a better design for your desk or table!

Step 1: Take The Clock Apart

In this project, we're going to cool-ify a two-dollar alarm clock, using two CDs, or DVDs, depending on choice. First, we take apart the clock's mask off, exposing two screws. Take the clock apart--carefully, not to break it.

Step 2: Assemble The Clock

Take a cotton donut from a blank CD case. Carefully glue it to the clock's front and center. Then add glue on the donut and stick it to the CD. Make sure it's just right in the center. It should look a little something like this. Now, apply glue on the clock's printed front paper and apply it on the CD. Make sure it's right in the center.

Step 3: Finishing Touches

Now, carefully adding the clocks pointers, make sure they're in the right order: the alarm, the hour, the minute, and the seconds point. Now, you're almost finished. Put the battery back inside, apply glue on the upper side of the back, then stick to it a piece of another broken CD or DVD as support.

Now, your clock is ready. You've just changed a boring, old two-dollar clock for a new, cool CD clock.