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How To Make A Celebrity Gift Bag For Your Boyfriend

How To Make A Celebrity Gift Bag For Your Boyfriend

Where do celebrities get the most fabulous freebies? Where else but from lavishly decorated lounges located in the backstage of award shows! Swag queen Karen Wood is the mastermind behind bringing the best goodies to celebrities and she's willing to give up her secrets to making a giftbag fit for the star in your life - your sweetheart!

Step 1: You will need:

  • 1 duffel bag
  • 1 gadget accessory
  • 1 fragrance
  • 1 a pair of sunglasses or a watch
  • 1 game
  • 1 pajama pants

Step 2: In The Bag

The entire gift including the container is the gift so choose something useful for your guy, like a great tote or duffel bag. This makes for a great presentation.

Step 3: Go, Go, Gadget

Men love technology but to keep the budget low, opt for accessories to gadgets already owned.

Step 4: The Fifth Scents

Fragrance can add a sophisticated element to your gift bag. Just do a little CSI on what he likes.

Step 5: It's All In The Timing

Men like to show off as much as women so toss in something fashionable like sunglasses-or add a timepiece.

Step 6: Fun And Games.

Any relationship can benefit from fun-add a game that both of you can play or if he's a videogame geek make sure to find out what format he owns.

Step 7: The Comfort Zone

A cashmere scarf will do but anything that adds to cuddle time is a plus.