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How To Make A Christmas Bow

How To Make A Christmas Bow

Theme Traders shows VideoJug viewers the ins and outs of tying ribbons into bows, for packages and other purposes in this instructional video. The bows presented in this video can be made from a variety of ribbons and are really not all that complicated to execute. You will see how to make a simple wrap-around bow and a folded and stapled bow for decorating your own packages that are also useful for embellishing household decorations.

So, we're going to show you today how to make a variety of Christmas bows. It all starts with the materials you use. Traditionally, it's ribbon.

We've got curling ribbon; wire ribbon is always fantastic because you can shape it. Otherwise, this is just a wider version of curling ribbon that we've all used to make beautiful bows. Starting with this one here that I've already done, this is just beautifully wrapped around the present, crossed over at the back, tied together.

Would you like to put your thumb down there for me? Beautiful. So, you just make two little ears. This is the best way to make bows, I've always found, because it's always very, very even.

Twist around and tie in the middle. Would you like to put your finger out? Lovely. And, ribbons are fun because you can always adjust them as well to make perfect.

Always try to make sure that it looks very thick and beautiful and with the wire ribbon, you can always bend the ends as well, and make sure that you always cut the ends in a V shape, because that's always just a perfect little touch. So, another type of bow that you can do is another one I've done like similar to here, which is just using I think just a thicker ball of curling ribbon which I've found most florists and places that sell stationary and cards. So, these are very easy.

I would start by folding them in half and then in half again, and then, just using a stapler to staple in the middle, and then you make a slightly smaller one, just like that. Staple them again. This is a very, very simple one to do.

One you could even teach the kids to do. And then, just a bit more, I usually make this one just a little bit thinner to wrap around the middle and then just stick the tape to the back. This looks like that.

And then, we could also use a little bit extra to create the rest of the bow and the present. There we are. And there's also always just the traditional fabric bow which always look real useful and you make those really, really big depending on the size of the ribbon.

With the bows as well, they can be made to go on the Christmas trees, they can go in front of doors, they can go on the mantel pieces, you can even make them to go in your hair. Alternatively, we've made joined ribbons before whether it's been made out of maybe fabric, whether it's been wrapped around the hold building, or whether it's a flat vinyl cut-out that then can be stuck on. Again, we wrap things from giant presents, to cars, to people, dating birthdays or Christmas presents.

So, it's just really important that you remember any ribbon can be wrapped around anything, no matter what shape or what size and it adds a really extra special touch to it. .