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How To Make A Christmas Grotto

How To Make A Christmas Grotto

Creating the perfect Christmas grotto can be an important part of your holiday decorating. This video from VideoJug will give you some ideas for the perfect Christmas grotto.

Today, we are going to show you how to create the perfect Christmas grotto with a little help from Elf Man. Off you go Elf Man, go and get us our Christmas props and decorations. So, we're going to talk about grottos.

It's quite important to have live people in your grotto. Obviously, Santa Claus and little helpers. This is Elisa and she's going to help me tell you how to make the grotto very, very, very special.

We certainly think that you should use things like large candy canes. Thank you, Elf Man. They're very, very, very colorful, they look great, and they are going to help decorate the whole area.

When you really have a grotto which has been hand painted, it's really very nice indeed. Normally, what you would do is you would put Santa Claus or somebody else like that inside it. It could be little pixies, have some huge, big cushions on the floor, tie some big sashes, make big bows.

Other things in a grotto which look very nice are reindeers. A reindeer like this, you can put in your garden, and you'll get a huge amount of attention. If you put lights around the grotto, it looks absolutely beautiful.

It also looks very nice with Nutcracker men, presents, oversized presents. What do you like in your grotto? I like anything that makes it even more spectacular. Though all the things you have to remember are things like toboggans.

Thank you, Elf Man. And you cannot forget the book of Elf Tales. It's also very nice to have a traditional Christmas tree.

You can also use things like white twig trees which are quite magical, but to have a little traditional touch is always extremely nice in a grotto. You can make little paths leading up to the grotto and put little bits of snow on the ground and create Santa's footprints. Alternatively, you can go way out there and completely wacky and do something that is very off the scale.

For example, people have wanted to have Harry Potter grottos where you go see Dumbledore instead of Santa. They may want other ones where you go to the Mad Hatter's tea party and receive an oversized present. Anything goes these days.

And that is how to make the perfect Christmas grotto, let your imagination flow and your fantasy come to life. .