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How To Make A Coin Vanish

How To Make A Coin Vanish

You don't need to be a professional magician to perform vanishing coin tricks on stage or just to have a little fun by puzzling people. Learn it easy with VideoJug.

Here is how to vanish a coin. This is one of the oldest coin vanishes in the world used by magicians everywhere. Take a coin, take it like this, in which I just rub my fist together, it should actually vanish.

Here is how I do it, it's really easy. This coin is actually, secretly left in this hand. It's called the French drop.

Hold the coin, with my fingers on the bottom, thumb on the top. I'm going to pretend to take it with my other hand. What actually happens is I lift up my thumb which allows the coin to drop.

With this hand away, I'm going to show it has vanished. So, that's how to make a coin vanish with absolutely no sleight of hand. .