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How To Make A Corsage

How To Make A Corsage

Make A Corsage. Florist, Trish Haunton, demonstrates how to make a corsage using two phalaenopsis orchids. A perfect addition for grooms, best men, and ushers!

Step 1: You will need

  • 2 phalaenopsis orchids that are different sizes
  • 5 berried ivy leaves
  • 3 pieces of bear grass
  • scissors
  • stub wire
  • silver rose wire
  • floristry tape
  • 1 pearl headed pin

Step 2: Wire and tape

Make a hair pin with each piece of stub wire. One end should be twice the length of the other. Thread one hairpin down the shaft of the calyx and pierce through bottom coming out on either side of the stem. Starting just beneath the flower tape the stem and wire. Twist the stem into the tape, rather than twist the tape around the wire. Do the same to the second orchid.

Turn the ivy leaf over. Follow the stem up along the central vein of the leaf and stitch the rose wire through the leaf either side of the vein. The stitch should sit half way between the stem and the edge of the leaf. Turn the leaf around holding the wire stitch between thumb and forefinger. Gently form a loop with the wire bending both wires along the line of the stem. Again twist one wire around the stem and the second wire. Repeat until all five ivy leaves are wired.

Step 3: Bear grass

Using the tapered end of bear grass. Make a loop and then have the end rising up behind the loop, creating like a small 'b' shape. Snip off the excess, keeping hold of the three stems between thumb and forefinger. Place the wire behind the stems and gently bend the wire into a loop, bringing both ends down in line with the stems. Wrap one wire around the other and the stems. Repeat until all three pieces of bear grass are wired.

Step 4: Tape

Starting with the smaller flower. Place one leaf behind the flower pointing away from the stem in the two o'clock position and tape into place. Twisting the stem into the tape. Place the second leaf at the eleven o'clock position, bend the wires so they follow the stem of the flower and tape on.

The larger flower sits on top of the stem of the smaller one, about halfway down. Bend the wire slightly so it sits up. The flowers should be just touching. Tape it into place. Position an ivy leaf to the right with a piece of bear grass beside it. Tape both wires together. Place another ivy leaf and bear grass loop on the left-hand side and tape into place. The last ones point down along the stems. Ensure all the stems and wires are taped. This will lock in the moisture and ensure they don't poke through the outfit.

Step 5: Cut the Stem

Once you're happy with the arrangement cut the stems to 5cm long.

Step 6: Pinning the corsage

Using the pearl headed pin pierce it straight through the taped stem onto the garment. Traditionally a corsage is pinned on the left with the stems pointing up (whilst a button hole has the stems facing down).

Step 7: DONE

Enjoy your corsage. To see how to make a buttonhole go to videojug How To Make A Buttonhole.