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How To Make A Cream Cheese Sandwich

How To Make A Cream Cheese Sandwich

This video talks about how to make a cream cheese sandwich

Hi I'm Darren from Cuisine-on-cue. Cuisine-on-cue is one of London's leading catering specialists. We pride ourselves for delivering fresh and quality food for in and around London.

Now we're going to show you some fresh and appetizing sandwiches. Now I'm going to show you how to make a cream cheese sandwich. So first of all, take two slices of bread, with your cream cheese added some chives to this for extra flavor, spread it on one side of the bread nice and evenly with this you don't need to use butter as the cream cheese has fat content already there.

You can use full fat cream cheese, low fat cream cheese or softened cream cheese. Add some cracked black pepper, loosen up the flavor. You don't need salt cause there's salt content in the cheese.

Take the other piece of bread, add more cream cheese if you desire, cover the first slice of bread, take your knife, slice on the angle and again, take your plate, and that's how you make a cream cheese sandwich.