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How To Make A Decorative Bow Out Of Ribbons

How To Make A Decorative Bow Out Of Ribbons

Gift wrap expert Arona Khan shows VideoJug users how to make a decorative bow out of ribbons to adorn any gift beautifully. These simple ideas make gifts that extra special, so follow these VideoJug tips to make your own.

Step 1: You will need

  • 2 different coloured fabric ribbon
  • curling ribbon
  • scissors

Step 2: Tie the ribbon

Cut a long piece of ribbon that matches your wrapping paper. Snip off the end at an angle and tie it round the box. Trim off the end at an angle.

Step 3: Make loops

Take another piece of the same ribbon and loop it several times back and forth holding the loops in the centre.

Step 4: Attach to the box

Tie the ribbon to the box with curling ribbon in the centre of the loops. Trim off the excess ribbon at an angle. You could stop here if you like.

Step 5: Loop another ribbon

For a more flamboyant bow, add a different coloured ribbon. Cut of a piece at an angle and loop in the same way as before, holding the loops in the centre.

Step 6: Tie to the box

Add to the ribbon on the box tying it in with some curling ribbon.

Step 7: More ribbon

Use a different ribbon and some cord to make three loops. Arona is using this starry cord. Tie it into the rest of the ribbons with curling ribbon.

Step 8: Trim

Trim off any excess bits of curling ribbon.