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How To Make A Disco Ball With Junk CDs

How To Make A Disco Ball With Junk CDs

KipKay, a dedicated VideoJug user, presents a film showing VideoJug users how to take those junk mail CDs and turn them into a cool and groovy disco ball. So follow these simple steps and make your own disco ball with junk CDs.

Step 1: Recycle CD's

Now you can recycle all those AOL and other freebie Internet CDs you get in the mail and turn them into something useful.

Step 2: Cut The CD's

Take those junk CDs and start cutting them with a scissor into little squares. Now you'll end up with all kinds of different sizes of these reflective little squares.

Step 3: Styrofoam Disco Ball

Pick yourself up a styrofoam ball at a crafts store and hot glue the little pieces on to the styrofoam ball. Start from the center and work your way up and down. Put a hole through it with a bamboo skure and then run some fishing line and when you're done, you've got yourself a cool and groovy disco ball.