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How To Make A Dried Flower Wreath

How To Make A Dried Flower Wreath

Dried flowers make a lovely option for a hanging wreath. Dried hydrangeas, lavender, apple slices and even cinnamon sticks for example, bring a whole new dimension and texture to wreaths.

I'm going to show you how to make a hanging wreath of dried flowers. For this, you need a nice wreath frame. This is a woody one.

It's very old and I keep using it because of the lovely textures that are incorporated and the colours as well. I'm also going to be hanging it by using this which is a waste fine wire which is raffia but don't worry if you don't have it, just use some garden twine. So, I'm taking the length of this which I've already done and I just wrap it around and the I'm going to twist the two ends together, very very simple but it's very secure and then it's ready to go.

It's awful when you finish your wreath and you find that you haven't made a tie and it's then more difficult. I've dried some hydrangea. Now, this is dried beautifully.

I'm going to be using lavender. You can buy in branches like this and I've divided them and I've cut them short and made little bundles like this. Apple slices - you can create yourself or you can buy them and I've wired the two together and I'm just going to show you how to do that.

You take a stub wire like this, not too strong or it will tear the flesh, and you place it through. I like to use two together to give it a little bit more strength. Take them about halfway through, bring down and twist one around the other, trying to go close to the skin as you possibly can and then with the wire cutters, you just shorten the stalk so it can work well.

Then lastly, I'm going to be using cinnamon sticks that are bound together with wire and covered the wire with a little bit of raffia. I'm just going to place this and tuck these ends through into the wreath. This is hydrangea, very very easy to grow in gardens and is one of the best flowers for drying.

So placing these at intervals around the wreath, just placing them in like that, so, I've placed all my hydrangeas irregularly around the ring. I haven't glued it at this point because I might want to adjust it later. But I've got my glue gun ready, my hooked glue gun ready, so that I'm going to add a dab of glue on the base and that makes them very secure.

So if you can see, this is the point so far. I'm now going to add my apple slices which I have wired and tuck them in to the weave but they give a lovely contrast and cleanliness and brightness. You have to be careful when working with dried flowers that it doesn't look too dull and dead.

Another thing with dried flowers, people should remember that they're not there for life. They're long lasting but they do get dusted, they do get tired, the colour fades and that's when it's time to start again and create new designs. So there we are, I've interspersed four.

I prefer five because as you see, the four placements create a square. I like to use five and that then takes the eye around in a circle, so one last placement just in there. I've then got my little bundles of lavender which I've taken from here.

I've taped and made them into this, tied them with raffia, and then just simply cut them to length and then we're going to place them through like that. Now, they can be wired in place like so or they can be glued. So, I've put the lavender and it's got that gorgeous smell, it terminates throughout the room.

Just be careful when you're adding your bits and pieces, you do need some on the sides because especially if it's on the door that opens and closes, you will see the sides. So, make sure that you've got some interest coming down the sides. And then with the cinnamon sticks which are my final element to add, make sure that if you've got the two wires, that they are level.

Then they will go in more easily and then you just place this through, perhaps some are a little bit too long. Avoid using the scissors. Try and use the wire cutters and there you won't blunt your scissors.

Then, just place those in there to give a different dimension, to add just a different angle to what you're doing, and I'm going to take five here. That on