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How To Make A Dry Flower Arrangement

How To Make A Dry Flower Arrangement

The tip to starting off a dry flower arrangement is to have a nice vase. Then, the different forms of dried flowers and how to make them work together, as demonstrated in this film, are actually very easy to do.

I'm going to show you how to make a dried flower arrangement. Lavender and hydrangea, my favourite dried flowers. They're so easy to do and together, they have got a different form, different structure and work very well together.

I've got a nice vase. Nice vases do make your flowers look better. This is a stoneware one I've got from Holland and I just love it.

I've put a piece of foam inside. This piece of foam hasn't been wet because there's no need. The flowers are dried and then I'm going to take, which I'm holding very carefully in my hand, because I formed this from two branches of lavender that were purchased.

I didn't actually dry these. But you can see the difference between the two of them and it's just taking all of them, dabbing them in the hand, so that all the heads are level and that just gives a nice structural form. I then, before I drop them all, take my rubber band and take it ideally twice around.

And if you've got a green rubber band, it's actually easier to disguise than the red one. But today, I've got a red one, so I will show you what to do. So, up the stems and I'm going to take it and I want it to be about twice the height of the container.

So as a rough guide then, I'm going to take this and cut the stems and I like to put it straight into the bin because dried flowers can create a lot of mess. One tip I do want to give you when doing dried flowers is to actually put an old sheet over the table while you're working and sometimes, I need one on the floor as well because the bits do get everywhere. So when I've got this here, I'm just going to place them very firmly into the foam just like that.

Now, it can't get much easier than that and then to cover the foam and I think I'm going to have to put a little bit of raffia around that rubber band to disguise it and that is very easily done. Because raffia is a natural product, it looks lovely with dried flowers and we're going to make this as we're using it into a design feature, so taking it out a few times there. So, I've tied the raffia over the band to disguise it and now, I'm just going to use snippets of hydrangea that I dried.

When you're wanting to dry your hydrangea, make sure you do it at the right time of the year. If you try and do it in the early summer, you'll just get a shrivelled flower head. But if you do it in the autumn which is when the hydrangea is at its strongest, you will find that you can get lovely examples like this.

So, putting the hydrangea into the base to cover the foam, so that is one idea of how to do a dried flower arrangement for the home. .