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How To Make A Duvet Cover

How To Make A Duvet Cover

Josie foster is running a furnishing studio. She is describing the procedure how to make a duvet cover. First of all, we have to measure it and remember it has to be five centimeters larger than the duvet itself.

How to make a duvet cover? First thing to do obviously is measure the duvet. The cover needs to be slightly larger than the duvet itself. Once you have measured it, you straighten up the duvet to its full extent.

You need to make the cover five centimeters larger so that it can breathe, it can fluff out without restriction. Basically, a duvet cover is an enormous bag which you cut out, measure out, cut out, stitch together. You can either just stitch it once or French seam it which is stitching it on the right side first, turning it inside out and stitching it again on the inside that gives you a nice neat stitching which is sealed, which is probably the best one to do and then you leave at the top of the duvet, you leave two openings down the sides so you can put your hands in at the top of the duvet to grab the corners of the duvet to actually get into the bag easily.

Remember, it's a heavy article, it's big and it makes it so easy if you do leave those two openings on the side seals. They only need to be fifteen centimeters long. To actually seal the duvet in, at the bottom of the duvet, on this one, I have got a buttoned opening which is probably the most complicated because you got to make the button holes evenly spaced along the bottom having hemmed the bottom first and then stitch on the buttons accordingly.

Alternatively, you can put Velcro on the bottom and you actually put it on the inside of the duvet cover instead of it folding over like this. It is actually on the inside of both sides and then they just stick together. That, for me, is the simplest way to make a duvet cover. .