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How To Make A Easy Cell Phone And USB Charger

How To Make A Easy Cell Phone And USB Charger

Using an easy to find, inexpensive $2 part, you can turn an old cassette tape case into an extremely versatile, totally portable cellphone/ USB device charger. Easy and fun project!

Step 1: Find An Integrated Regulator

You will need this easy to find $2 part.
It's an integrated regulator that puts out 5 volts, which just happens to be the exact voltage used by nearly every cell phone.
Hooking one up is as easy as soldering the red and the black wires from a broken cell phone charger to the first and second pins, and the black and red wires from any DC power adaptor with at least a 5 volt output to the second and third pins.

Step 2: Add The USB Adaptor And Alligator Clips

But you can just as easily wire in a female USB adaptor and a pair of alligator clips, which will allow you to charge your phone from batteries as well. Whether it's a 9-volt, 4 AA's, or even a cordless drill battery, it works great. You can even use your phone while it's charging.

Step 3: Make A Custom Case

I took this one step further by creating a custom case, with all the parts mounted inside; a fully self-contained unit with an LED that glows when the power is active.
And by using clips, you can charge your phone from any DC power supply that's handy. And it's size makes it easy to carry in a shirt pocket or stow in a glove box for emergencies.

Step 4: Power Up Anywhere

And with a USB port, I can even power my mp3 player, or this freshly skinned, rabid, USB Furby, who just happens to have a date with Mr. Hammer. Goodbye Mr. Furby!