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How To Make A Face Mask

How To Make A Face Mask

A quick and easy way to make your own face mask at home is shown in this video, including the ingredients and the preparation process. Now, you can treat your skin to a natural soft-feeling face mask.

Today, we are going to be making a face mask. The ingredients we are using are green clay, you can get the clay in many different colors, and I am going to be putting a little Dead Sea mud in. Very easy recipe, I'm going to spoon in ten grams of clay, nine and a half, there, and then I am going to put in five grams of the Dead Sea mud, but you can change the proportions.

I could have used ten grams of Dead Sea mud and five of clay. I have fifteen grams in here, so I'll need to add fifteen grams of liquid. I am just using bottled water, but if you wanted to, you could use orange juice, apple juice, milk, yoghurt, any form of liquid that would allow the clay to dissolve.

Fifteen and a half grams, okay. Now, I stir around. At the moment it looks a little bit sludgy, but the clays will be absorbing the water.

Different clays have different absorbency levels and I can see that the green clay is not absorbing the water very well, so that's far too runny for me to put onto my face, so I will just add another spoonful, and keep adjusting it until it is the level and the consistency that I want. What I am aiming for is a paste and I pretty much know because of the water - this mask is going to set rock hard on my face. Some people don't like that feeling, a very, very hard face mask, so you can add a little bit of oil just to keep the face mask slightly looser on your face.

It's slightly softer. I'm adding jojoba oil and I am literally going to put in probably about one or two mills. That looks better, it's glossy now.

I'm going to add an essential oil. The one that I've chosen here is lavender. Tiny, tiny amount needed, so I'm just going to add about four, five drops.

Stir that in and my face mask is ready. Put it into a jar. Now, we've got water in here but we haven't added any preservative so the shelf life of this face mask is going to be about four weeks.

Now, this is something you can keep quite happily in the fridge and just get it out to use it when you needed it. That is how you make a face mask. .